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CPL Prepaid Plan℠

Pay as you go

Discover CPL PrepaidSM

CPL PrepaidSM is an exciting new way to get electricity. As a flexible power plan, you can buy electricity as you need it, whenever you need it.

When you enroll, you pay for a specific amount of electricity to activate your account and continue to pay as often as you like to keep your account balance above zero.

Just follow these simple steps:


Sign up &


Sign up for CPL PrepaidSM and receive enrollment confirmation email or SMS text.


Make your


Make your payment immediately after receiving your payment number to activate your account.




Electricity service from CPL PrepaidSM starts.




Get reminders via text or email to add money to your account.


Why should I choose a CPL PrepaidSM electricity plan?    Sign up now

  • No deposit electricity plan
  • No credit check
  • No contract term commitment
  • No monthly billing
  • Manage your electricity usage
  • Affordable electricity rates
  • Simple payment options

Pay for what you need when you need it.


Get Started

Visit CPL Prepaid Online Account Manager to check your account balance, view your energy usage and more!



No Deposit Electricity Plan

When you sign up for CPL PrepaidSM, there is no deposit required.

Simply pre-pay for your electricity upfront – as much as you want – and then continue to pay as often as you like to keep your account balance above zero.

No Credit Check Electricity Plan

There is no credit check required for CPL PrepaidSM

No Contract Electricity Plan

With CPL PrepaidSM, there is no contract term and no commitment.

No Monthly Billing - Pay When it's Convenient for You

CPL PrepaidSM allows you to pay for any amount of electricity before you use it.

You then continue to pay as you go, as often as you like, to keep your account balance above zero.

There is no monthly bill to be paid.

Manage Your Electricity Usage

Instead of receiving a monthly bill, you'll get text messages or emails that allow you to see how much electricity you are using on a regular basis. This allows you to better manage your usage and costs.

Visit CPL PrepaidSM Online Account Manager to check your account balance, view your energy usage and more!

Affordable Electricity Rates

CPL PrepaidSM gives you competitive, low cost electricity rates from an electricity provider you can trust.

View more details about the CPL PrepaidSM electricity rate.

Simple Payment Options

There are numerous payment methods available that accept cash and credit cards. Visit one of our convenient authorized in-person pay stations to pay with cash. Go online to make a one-time payment with a credit card. Pay by phone at 1-877-214-1178. CPL will provide you with a payment number that can be used to make payments to ensure your account is credited.


CPL PrepaidSM is Available in
the Following Texas Cities:

  • Aransas Pass
  • Banquete
  • Bishop
  • Corpus Christi
  • Gregory
  • Ingleside
  • Portland
  • Robstown
  • Rockport

How it works

To use CPL PrepaidSM, you must have a provisioned smart meter (also known as an Advanced Meter), and an activated SMS text capable phone or an active email address to receive your daily electricity usage communications. Additionally, you cannot be a Critical or Chronic Care patient.

  • About CPL PrepaidSM in Texas
  1. There is no deposit and no credit check required.
  2. Once your order is completed, you will receive a payment number by SMS text or email.
  3. Make your first payment immediately after receiving your payment number to activate your account. You can pay at a pay station, online or by phone.
  4. CPL Retail Energy will send you daily electricity usage communications by SMS text or email.
  5. Your electricity service will begin within 3-7 business days
  • If you have enrolled in CPL PrepaidSMtoday:

As we process your enrollment, it may take up to 8 hours for your Payment Number to be recognized in the system.

If you are having trouble accessing the online payment system, please try again at a later time, or locate your nearest pay station to make a cash payment.

  • Make a payment
Check our locations & hours

Pay at one of our authorized payment centers.

Or pay online or by phone 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

You can pay how you want, when you want!


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An exciting new way to pay for electricity. It is like filling your car with gas - when your tank is near empty, you refuel.Watch our videos to learn more.


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