Average Billing

A spike in your energy consumption doesn't have to mean a spike in your monthly bills. With CPL's Average Billing plan, every bill can be predictable.

Why Sign Up for an Average Billing Plan?

CPL's Average Billing plan makes budgeting a breeze by smoothing out your monthly electricity bills -- and there's no cost to sign up.

The above graph shows the key benefit of Average Billing. When energy use surges during the frigid winter and hot summer, monthly electricity bills can be quite a bit higher. But with our Average Billing plan, the bills during mild weather months are a bit higher while those in extreme weather months are a bit lower. The result is a predictable monthly bill and an end to electrical sticker shock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for an Average Billing plan?

Existing CPL customers qualify for Average Billing if:

  • All balances are current
  • Customer is not enrolled in a Deferred Payment Plan, Payment Extension or Summary Billing
  • Customer agrees to timely payment of future bills
  • Customer agrees to enroll all active premises on the account in the Average Billing plan

Will my bill be identical each month?

Your monthly bills may not be the same down to the penny. Taxes and fees can vary from one month to the next, and your Average Billing amount is adjusted monthly based on your actual usage. Your Average Billing amount is the sum of your current monthly charges and the monthly charges from the previous 11 months, divided by 12. There may be small, additional adjustments based on outside factors. For most customers, Average Billing results in monthly bill totals that are within a few dollars of previous bills.

What does "accumulated average balance" mean?

In an Average Billing plan, the difference between the amount on your bill and the amount of your actual usage is called your "accumulated average balance." If you paid for more than you used, this balance is a credit. If you paid for less than you used, it's a balance due. This credit or balance due is applied once per year or whenever the accumulated average balance exceeds $500. It is also applied when you close an account or switch to a different billing plan.

Why was I billed a larger or smaller amount than I expected?

Because each monthly bill is based on the average of the current month and the 11 previous months, small variations in your bill are to be expected in an Average Billing plan. If your actual energy consumption changes significantly, the variations may be larger.

If you pay for more energy than you use over a period of time, CPL will issue you a credit for the balance once per year. If you use more energy than you pay for, you'll be charged for the balance due once per year. If the balance due is less than $500, you may request that it be charged in installments across future bills.

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