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Average Billing

  • Does CPL offer a leveled or average payment plan to its customers?

    We do, though we call it "Average Billing." To learn more about this billing option, please call Customer Service at 1-866-322-5563. There, you can talk to a helpful phone agent to learn if Average Billing is right for...

  • How does an Average Billing Plan work with CPL?

    Basically, what you're billed each month is a rolling average of your electric usage for the previous 11 months plus your usage from the current month. We divide that amount by 12 (because there are 12 months in a year) and factor in current electricity rates in Texas and other outside elements.

    To be eligible for an Average Billing Plan:

    • Your account must be current and paid in full;
    • All subsequent invoices with CPL must be paid on time;
    • You cannot be currently enrolled in a Payment Extension or Deferred Payment Plan;
    • You aren't currently enrolled in Summary Billing; and
    • All service addresses on your CPL account must be enrolled in the Average Bill...

    • What happens if I break my Average Billing Plan?

      If you break with your Average Billing Plan, we will remove it from your account, and the accumulated variance balance on your account will be due on your next...

    • How can I opt out of Average Billing Plan?

      If want to end your Average Billing plan please call our Customer Service at 1-866-322-5563. Your next bill will factor in any unpaid average balance:

      • If there is a credit on your Accumulated Average Balance, it will be applied to the balance on your next bill;
      • If there is a debit on your Accumulated Average Balance, it will be added to the balance due.

      If you move from your current address and don't want to continue as a CPL customer, your Average Billing plan will end on your final bill and the entire balance becomes...

    • How can I break my Average Billing Plan?

      You can break the terms of your Average Billing agreement in four ways:

      1. Miss two consecutive payments;
      2. Enroll in a Payment Extension or Deferred Payment Plan;
      3. Enroll in Summary Bill option; or
      4. Add new service addresses that aren't enrolled in the Average Billing...

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