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How does an Average Billing Plan work with CPL?

Average Billing evens out your electricity costs and simplifies your budget. Pay an averaged bill amount each month and avoid seasonal energy cost spikes.

If you've been a CPL customer for 12 months, we'll use that history to determine your billing amount. Each month we'll multiply your usage by your current rate and add any unpaid balance (up to $500) to include in the plan. Then we add your TDU charges, taxes, and recurring fees. Finally, we divide by 12 months to get the monthly payment amount.

Formula: Monthly Usage x Current Rate + TDU Charges + Taxes + Recurring Fees = Total Annual Bill/12 months = Average Amount

If you have NOT been a CPL customer for 12 months, we'll get the historical usage for your premise from the utility company and use it to calculate your Average Billing amount.

Call us at 1-866-322-5563 to enroll in our Average Billing program today!

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