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Payment Extension

  • How does a Payment Extension work with CPL?

    A Payment Extension extends your bill due date in the short term for the full payment of a past-due balance. This ensure we won't send your account to a collections agency or send a Disconnection Notice while you have an extension agreement.

    Unlike a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP), this isn't a structured long-term arrangement for settling a past-due balance. A Payment Extension is offered to you only if you are fewer than seven (7) days past your bill due date.

    Once you are approved for Payment Extension, you must pay your balance in full within eight (8)...

  • What happens if I break the Payment Extension?

    If you don't pay your past-due balance in full by the date you agree upon with CPL, we will consider the Payment Extension broken. If this happens, we will send a Disconnection Notice for your service...

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