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Paying Your Bill with CPL Retail Energy

Where can I pay?


You can pay by cash at specific authorized in-person Pay Stations. Please go to Service Locator page on our site for a map and a list of the available locations.

CPL Prepaid authorized Pay Stations also may have a window decal that shows the CPL Prepaid Membership Card for easier identification.

All stations located on the Service Locator page are Authorized Pay Stations and will accept CPL Prepaid payments. Those stations that are labeled as 'Verified' have processed recent payments for CPL Prepaid customers, versus a station that may be new on the list or out of the way for many customers. All stations are set up to accept CPL Prepaid payments; however, Verified Authorized Pay Stations will be the most familiar with the process and are highly recommended.


To make a payment by phone, please call 1-877-214-1178 and follow the prompts to make a payment to your account using your credit card and your Payment Number.


You can make one-time and automatic payments using your credit card by visiting our Payment options. You will need your Payment Number, your zip code, and a valid email address to process payments online. You have the option to store payment information for future payments, as well as schedule payments in advance.

Use your Payment Number when you make any type of payment. We will provide you with your Payment Number via text/email upon enrollment, and a Membership Card with this number will be mailed to you within 5-7 days. Using this Payment Number will ensure your account is credited.

Please note: Your CPL Prepaid Membership Card is used for payment purposes only and holds no monetary value. No confidential account information will be available to someone who may have your Membership Card or number.

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