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Is there ever a minimum payment, perhaps if I get disconnected for a zero balance?

There is never a minimum payment required while your account balance is above $0.00. If you get disconnected, you will need to re-enroll and pay the minimum payment of $30.00 and all and all applicable fees and taxes, to bring your account to a positive balance.

Note: Please see the reconnect timeline table below: AEP Central

Disconnect/Reconnect Fee: AEP Central: $0.00
Payment is made between business hours of 8am and 7pm M-F: AEP Central: Reconnected within a few hours
Payment is made outside of business hours: AEP Central: Reconnected by 8am the following business day

Keep in mind, there are daily base charges that will continue to accumulate on your account even if it is below zero and/or your power has been interrupted.

Service interruption will be delayed if your CPL Prepaid credit balance reaches $0.00 on a weekday night, weekend or during any period in which the prepayment mechanisms are not available or the Customer Service center is not operating.

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