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  • Will I still eligible for the gift card if I cancel service with CPL?

    No, canceling your service early will disqualify you from receiving subsequent prepaid cards. You must still be a CPL customer when the gift card is paid out.

  • When will I receive the Reconnect Rewards gift card?

    The Visa Prepaid Cards will be issued in three installments. • $120 gift card received after 12 months of service • $120 gift card received after 24 months of service • $120 gift card received after 36 months...

  • What is Reconnect Rewards 36?

    As your neighbor and South Texas electricity provider, we want to give you more for than just power. Now you can select a plan that rewards you! Reconnect Rewards 36 offers you a low, fixed-rate plan for 36 months, with the...

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