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  • How many $25 bill credits can I receive?

    There are no limits – for every eligible referral that is successful, you get a $25 bill credit. It's that simple. The $25 bill credit will be applied specifically to the energy usage kWh portion of your bill and cannot be used to satisfy the payment of fees and/or service...

  • How long will it take to receive my $25 bill credit?

    If you referred a friend to CPL Retail Energy:
    After the person you referred has successfully enrolled with Direct Energy, registered for their MyAccount, and paid their first bill in full and on time, you will receive your $25 bill credit

    If you were referred by your friend to CPL Retail Energy:
    You will receive your $25 bill credit after paying your first three bills in full and on...

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about my service?

    You can call us toll-free at 1-866-322-5563 or send us an email at WTUCPLRetailEnergy@directenergy.com.

    Our Customer Care Consultants are available to assist you Monday-Friday 7am-8pm and Saturday...

  • What happens to my bill credits if I cancel my CPL Retail Energy service?

    The bill credits you've already earned are yours to keep. However, if you cancel your CPL Retail Energy service, you won't be able to earn any more bill credits, including ones that may be...

  • What happens if the person I referred doesn't include my Referral ID when enrolling?

    Your friend has one business day to call CPL Retail Energy and provide your referral...

  • How do I earn Refer-a-Friend rewards?

    It's simple. All you need is your unique Refer-a-Friend code which can be found on your CPL Retail Energy statement or within your Online Account Manager. Refer as many friends as you want. If your friend accepts your request and becomes a CPL Retail Energy customer, you'll both get a $25 bill credit.

    You will receive your $25 bill credit after your referred friend registers for MyAccount and pays their first three CPL Retail Energy bills in full and on time. At that time, your friend will receive their $25 bill credit. as well.

    If you haven't set up your online account, sign in and get started referring today. Visit CPLRetailEnergy.com, click on "Customer Login," and then click "Create an Account." It's easy – and...

  • How does someone qualify for Refer-A-Friend?

    To qualify for Refer-a-Friend, you and your friend(s) must meet the following criteria:

    • Must be new to CPL Retail Energy (not currently an active or pending CPL Retail Energy customer, or have not been a CPL Retail Energy customer in the past 90 days)
    • Sign up for a minimum 12-month energy plan
    • Provide RAF code within one business day of signing up with CPL Retail Energy
    • Enroll in and use
    • How do I know if I can refer my friends?

      To be able to participate in the Refer-A-Friend program, you must meet the following criteria:

      • Current on all bill payments
      • Enrolled in and using myAccount
      • Have a Refer-a-Friend code or link to provide to your...

      • What is Refer-a-Friend?

        Refer-a-Friend is CPL Retail Energy's customer referral program. Turn your friends on to CPL Retail Energy, and you'll earn bill credits for each customer you refer. And unlike other referral programs, there's no limit to how the number of friends you can refer. With Refer-a-Friend your friends win, too, with a bill credit on their first bill when they enroll with CPL Retail Energy. Giving great rewards for referrals is just one more way we put customers first. Please visit our Refer-a-Friend page to learn...

      • What is the Ready. Set. REFER! promotion?

        CPL Retail Energy is running a promotion during the month of February 2018 that awards customers that refer 2 or more friends during the month with a $50 Visa Gift Card. This is in addition to the $25 bill credit they earn for every friend they refer. Also, the friends they refer will receive a $25 bill credit when they include the Referral Code on their order. There is no limit to the number of referrals and/or bill credits that you can...

      • When will I receive my $50 Visa® Prepaid Card?

        Once the promotion ends on February 28, 2018, please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your $50 Visa Prepaid Card. Visa Prepaid Cards will be mailed to the address included on your CPL Retail Energy account. Visa Prepaid Cards can only be mailed to an address located within the...

      • Who can participate in Ready, Set, Refer?

        All current CPL Retail Energy customers in good standing and up to date on their CPL Retail Energy electricity bill. You can access your unique Referral Code within your MyAccount. Make sure your friends include it on their order when switching to CPL Retail...

      • When are the dates for the Ready. Set. REFER! promotion?

        All new customer orders that include your Referral Code and are placed between Feb 1 and Feb 28, 2018 that also become a CPL Retail Energy customer will count towards this promotion. Once you have two (2) Qualifying Referrals, as defined in the Refer-A-Friend program Terms and Conditions, located at www.cplretailenergy.com/refer-a-friend, you are eligible to receive the bonus $50 Visa Prepaid...

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