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We are dedicated to offering customers the most innovative products and services available to manage energy costs and reduce consumption.

Try checking out some of our helpful tips and sources listed below. You'll be on the road to savings in no time!

Did you know that hot water heaters don't need to be set any higher than 140°F? Or that placing your refrigerator next to the oven can waste precious energy? And how about those electrical appliances, like TVs, computers, and toasters? Do you switch them off or unplug them when they're not in use?

At CPL Retail Energy, we understand that managing your energy bill is one of your biggest household concerns. Conserving energy or adopting more efficient energy practices can help ease that financial burden, allowing you to focus on more enjoyable activities, like planning that next vacation! Learn how to save energy on your cooling system, in your kitchen, with your lighting, in the laundry room and more!

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