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Liberty Plan

Take advantage of low electricity prices and no cancellation fee


About the CPL Prepaid℠ Free Power Sundays PlanTM

  • Make weekends even better with FREE power every Sunday
  • Enjoy month-to-month electricity plan flexibility
  • No contract and no long-term commitment

Make A one Time Payment


Your price may change up to once a month. CPL Retail Energy will limit each increase, if any, to the energy charge (price) and/or the daily base charge to no more than 30% from the prior price charged.

On Sundays, during all hours of the day, your energy charge and the daily base charge will be 0.0 cents. Based on the pricing of this plan and assuming that 1/7th (or 14.3%) of usage takes place on Sundays, the price listed above is the average pricing for a customer using 2,000 kWh per month.

Please see the Electricity Facts Label for more information and other applicable fees for this plan.

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