Ten Hour Power

Rest Easy at Night! Enjoy Free Electricity After 9PM, Every Day for an Entire Year!*

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About the Ten Hour Power Plan

  • 10 hours of free night electricity from 9 PM - 6:59 AM, 7 days a week for 12 months
  • Low, fixed-rate electricity during daytime hours (7 AM - 8:59 PM)
  • Reliable electricity for your South Texas home


*Offer valid for new residential customers in Texas only. Provisioned smart meter required. Certain eligibility requirements, fees, taxes, terms and conditions apply. Cancellation fees may apply.

A base charge of $9.95 is included in the average price for this plan, as well as other recurring charges, excluding state and local sales taxes and Miscellaneous Gross Receipts Tax Reimbursement.

This 12-month term fixed price will only vary if there are changes in TDU, regulatory fees or a law that requires new or modified costs outside of our control.

If you cancel before end of term, there is a cancellation fee of $135. You may cancel without penalty if you move and provide a forwarding address at least 14 days prior to your move date.

Please see the Electricity Facts Label for more information and other applicable fees for this plan.

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